Baby Bump / 29 Weeks


So, I’m now in the third trimester and the countdown is on. There is a load of stuff that needs to get done in the upcoming weeks and I am trying not to stress. But everyday, I grow more and more anxious with thoughts of our little boy joining us in the world.

Honestly, I’ll be thrilled once i can fit back into my pre-pregnancy clothes because trying to find something to wear is a nightmare. If I didn’t have to work, I would be in knee high socks and underwear all day long. Things are becoming more and more uncomfortable by the day. Turning over in bed is its own form of exercise Dave has to take my pants off at the end of the day (although I’m sure he doesn’t complain), and bending is a slow, tedious task.

But aside from being uncomfortable, I’ve been picturing his appearance. Will he have Dave’s shaggy brown locks? Or will he be gifted with a head of blonde curls like mine? Or will he surprise us both and come out with a teal head of hair? I’m guessing it won’t be the latter.

Even though he’s not here yet, he’s already a part of Dave and I’s family. He’s in our hearts, he’s in our thoughts, and he consumes us almost as much as he would if he was already here. I’m excited for all of us to grow together, learn together, teach together, and experience together. This is definitely going to be one hell of an adventure and I can’t wait for every moment of it! Poopy diapers and all.


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