Dear Janie Porter, Is It Really That Hard to Look Away?

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Dear Janie Porter & Offended Public,

As a fellow breastfeeding mother, let me clear up a little confusion for you. I mean you said it yourself, “What’s with all the controversy about nursing in public?” It’s the same question I ask. So let me help break it down for you.

“Is it really that hard to cover up?”

No, it’s not. But it’s easier not to cover up. Is it really that hard to look away? I could easily buy one of those nursing aprons but I won’t. The one and only time I tried nursing in public with a cover was a complete disaster. I was hot, my son was hot, I couldn’t see him, I felt uncomfortable for both me and him. I don’t eat with a blanket over my head and neither should my son.

“Here’s the deal: Strangers don’t want to see your areola. (Yeah, that’s it.)”

Unless what? They’re floating on the big screen? Hanging out in ads and magazines? In porn? In movies? Doing everything sexual except not what their intended purpose is? Which is to feed and nourish a child? Ah, makes absolute sense.

“I’ve nursed my kids in the middle of the fanciest restaurants, at the beach, at the doctor’s office, in the library, the airport, the grocery store, in millions (okay, dozens) of parking lots. One time, I even sat down on a tiny patch of grass to feed my baby on the side of the road.”

I have nursed my son at a Renaissance Faire, multiple restaurants (including a fancy one), at a dentist office, at a doctor’s office, outdoors, etc. Without a cover. Everyone survived, I promise.

“But, I still managed to get a blanket, or at least part of my shirt, to cover my naked nipple while my kids ate. Really, is it that big of a deal?”

Is it that big of a deal if there isn’t a blanket over a women and her child? Truly? Should we start requesting formula feeding moms to put blankets over their head and their child’s because the nipple of a bottle resembles a woman’s nipple? Perhaps we should request a blanket over a child’s head when they suck on a pacifier because that, too, resembles a woman’s nipple?

“The truth is, I don’t want to see your naked boobs. I don’t want my husband to, and come to think of it, my preschool son either.”

What are you going to do about the media? Going to the mall and seeing posters of women in bras? Does your husband not watch porn? And if he doesn’t, has he ever seen a movie with a naked lady in it? Is that okay with you? As long as boobs are not used for their natural function, is it okay? I come across more naked women in a sexualized fashion than I ever have a breastfeeding one.

“That doesn’t mean I’m sexualizing breastfeeding. It means that a naked boob, to most people in our culture, is a sexual thing.

You did sexualize breastfeeding. That statement sexualizes breastfeeding. I’ll leave it at that.

“Your vagina helped make the kid, and I don’t see you flashin’ that around.”

I don’t flash it around because it no longer serves a purpose. My breasts serve a purpose. If my son was about to be birthed in the grocery store, I sure as hell will take my pants off and deliver if I had to. I’m not going to politely ask him to wait until I get to the hospital because it doesn’t work like that.

“Maybe it’s me. Maybe I’m ignorant. Maybe you’re just trying to prove a point, and I just don’t get it. We all do motherhood our own way, and I love that. I really do think it’s a beautiful thing that all moms are different.”

This is the truest, most knowledgeable statement you have made thus far.

See, my 7 year old niece has seen both me and my older sister breastfeeding. She doesn’t bat an eye when we do it. If I’m breastfeeding around her, she goes about her own business. She runs around and plays. She says “Hi Auntie Shayna, Bye Auntie Shayna” hurriedly. We’ve taught her not to be rude and stare. We’ve taught her that this is normal and natural. She cares just as much as she cares about bottle feeding a baby or watching me eat which is zero.

I don’t plan on covering myself up because I don’t need to. I’m not flaunting my “tits”, I’m feeding my child. If that offends you, you should not only look away but you should look within. I nurse without a cover for myself, for my child, for society, and for the women that want to but can’t. I hold my head high and I stand with all breastfeeding moms. I stand with them however they choose to: with a cover, without a cover, in a bottle, by breast, with formula, donated, etc. We should be empowering women and educating them, not bringing them down.

I know that I’ll be teaching my son not to objectify women and see them as only sexual beings. I’m sorry your son won’t be learning the same lesson.


A Fellow Breastfeeding Mother That Really Doesn’t Have Anything to Get


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  1. That is completely stupid, mainly based on the idea new mothers have-that they are the center of the universe.
    So, dear Shayna. We dont care about what is easy for you, or for any single person. Its easier for me also to walk around with my balls bouncing free and restless and demand you look away. But hell, i put my trousers on. Its called respect.
    We also dont care if you lack the skills of feeding a baby under a blanket, its something a human can do. If YOU cant its YOUR problem. Dont put your problem on others. Solve it alone. Practice makes perfect.

    And yes, its that hard to look away. Since you are rude enough to ask that, thats the answer. Its hard. YOU make the problem, YOU cover. So simple. I am not obligated to look away every time someone decides to ignore others and do whatever he needs to do. And thats why i am not urinating in public. Its easy for me, everyone will survive and you can look away. Still, its not ok…

    Then, Strangers don’t want to see your areola. Unless what, you ask. Well, thats not your fucking business. They will decide when they want or they dont want to, not you. So, stay on topic, we dont want to see your areola, period.
    Or, maybe we want. I use to seat next to mothers feeding babies uncovered and i look carefully. Believe me, they instantly realize what is wrong with that. Well, some people learn the hard way…

    Really, everyone survived? Great logic. A mother can do anything she desires as long as everyone survives! I guess we can all walk on the street naked, since nobody dies?
    Anyway, i am sure you did it. But dont mistake people’s tolerance as your right.

    Then you ask: ”Is it that big of a deal if there isn’t a blanket over a women and her child?”
    Well, answer that: you use clothes to cover you body or not? Its as big of a deal as if you wasnt nursing. The fact you are feeding the child, doesnt give you any extra rights. If you cover yourself all the time, keep doing that when the child is eating as well. The same reasons apply.

    Then, she doesnt want she or her husband or her kids to see your naked boobs. What they do in the mall or in the media or the porn movies, its not your fucking business. YOU keep YOUR boobs in your clothes and for the rest it is their problem.
    What you say there sounds like ”come on, Hitler killed 200 billion people, if i kill a couple is no such a big deal, is it?”.

    A naked boob, is a naked boob, regardless if there is a baby in the receiving end. A naked boob is a sexual thing. There is nothing but nothing more we can say on that.

    So, you are not flushing your vagina because it no longer serves a purpose. Let me think… if it was…. like if you wanted to have a baby… you would fuck in public?
    Here we can see the exact way of thinking of someone who cares only for himself and respects nobody. If he has a purpose, he does what he has to do and gives no shit about others.
    Then, if your kid was about to be borned in the grocery, you would be obligated to -at least- explain to the owner. Would you feel comfortable with that? Would it be your choice -if you had one?
    No, but public is different uh? There is no owner there, and disrespect is no crime. So, we can do it and say everyone go fuck themselves!

    Then, she really wrote something true, with which you agreed although i am not sure you understood it. She wrote ”you’re just trying to prove a point”. Yes, you feel something like a hero, something special or unique at that specific time. Well, you arent. You are really common. We dont give a shit if you are feeding your child. Just cover your boob and that sloppy job that takes place there.

    We dont care what you do in your home, but there it is: you teached your niece not to be rude and stare. Can you do that with strangers? Offcourse not, because its not them who is rude for staring, you are rude for showing! The kid is not going to respond ”if you dont want i stare, cover yourself”, but i will do.

    Then, this statement: ”I don’t plan on covering myself up because I don’t need to”.
    Of course you dont need. Other people need that. But as already said, you are to selfish to care. And you do it only for you. For your easyness. All the other, society, children, women, all are plain bullshit to justify your selfish acts.

    And for the end, a personal attack! ”I’m sorry your son won’t be learning the same lesson.”
    I am sorry, but this is completely irrelevant with our point. If the child was eating with a cover or not, has nothing to do with the lesson he takes. But most probably, your son WILL see women as only sexual beings, because his mother is teaching him to care about himself and only.


      • We know each other? Please keep name calling within your family and friends, You have no idea what i am.
        Your comment is close minded. The law is relative, depends on which place of the world you live in. Plus, i never said that this is illegal. Instead, i said that disrespect is not a crime. You are not a criminal, just rude and disrespectful.
        Prostitution is also legal, so i guess you encourage your daughter do it?


    • Hey, Kostas,
      I’m a nursing mother….of twins. Just in case you’re like the majority of people on this planet who haven’t nursed twins I’m going to fill you in on a little secret: When you’re tandem nursing twins, as you sometimes have to when both babies get hungry at the same time, there is no covering. There’s just not. I’ve tried! Covers are not made large enough for two babies. Since I’m clearly not going to hang out in hiding for the next 8+ months, it’s feed them or listen to them scream, both of which I suspect would elicit an annoyed look from you. And since either would elicit your annoyance, I might as well nurture and soothe my babies by feeding them.

      When I nurse my babies, there is very little that you can see. In fact, you would see more skin in a lingerie ad or on the beach/at the local pool than you would on me, unless of course you’re looking that hard. I guess if you are sexually repressed, maybe you are looking that hard, but I sure hope that’s not the case.

      By the way, your balls dangling around without pants or urinating in public are quite possibly two of the most ignorant comparisons to breastfeeding I’ve ever read. Your balls have absolutely no purpose other than procreation. Urination serves to function other than to relieve waste from the human body. Breasts, on the other hand, were designed to nourish human young, just like teats on most other mammals. So unless you want to walk up to the next animal you see nursing its young and tell it to wear a cover, I think you may need to back off the nursing moms out there since they are only doing the same thing, feeding their babies.

      Breasts are only sexual because you make them that way. They were not designed to be sexual, and you don’t have to involve them in order to procreate. The only biological purpose they serve is to nourish human infants. It’s really sad that people, such as yourself, are so poorly educated on the workings of human biology to see that, but the good news is that there are plenty of ways to read up on the way the human body works. I’m sure if you Google it, you will find some. Good luck with that. I’m going back to nursing my babies now. Hope you have a very nice day.

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      • Hi pr. May your twins be healthy and lucky.
        Its interesting to know that you would like to cover yourself but you are not able, because you didnt find the correct product. Its sad to know that you live in a place that no blankets, sheets, clothes or just a big piece of cloth is available. Honestly, i am willing to send you one.
        Until then, i guess you are excused in the case that HAPPEND both your babies are hungry, you are outside and there is no quiet place without passengers or people who try eat or drink something.
        But how offen can this happen, if you try not to let it happen? I am afraid what i read there, is excuses and hypocritism.

        An annoyed look? I guess you wouldnt care for that. If you would, you would have make sure it wont happen. But what about an annoying look? Or comments? What if someone decides to return the awkward moment?

        Its expedient for you to explain annoyed looks by sexual repression, i know. But there are also people who find it disgusting. There are puritans. Idiots. You can call it a complex, or stupidity if you want. Still, they do exist. And -even if you are the best person in the world- you dont have one single right more than them.
        My opinion is that private things should be taking place in private places, and nursing is a very private thing.

        My balls are purposed to give life and your breasts are purposed to feed it. If feeding in common view is cool, then i guess getting pregnant in common view is cool also? Because of the ”holiness” of the moment? It doesnt make sense.
        I am not willing to compare people with animals. And since i am not asking animals to cover their genitals, why should i ask them to cover when nursing? That comment was more useless than long.

        You should tell that breasts are not designed to be sexual to the 5 billion people (males and females) that find them sexy. But you know? If i cared only for eating and reproducing myself, i would be an animal. But we are humans and we care for more than biological purposes. I am sure you make haircuts for yourself and you shave your legs. According to you, a woman that shaves her legs is poorly educated, because the biological reason of these hairs is to keep her warm! Come on, stupidity must have a limit!
        And i ensure you, i know very well how the human body works. This is why when i use my mouth for other reasons than what it was biologically designed my girlfriend gets really really happy. 🙂


    • Did you really construct an analogy to compare nursing in public to the holocaust?

      Okay. Yes, you did. So, that begs the question: did your mother hug you too much, or not enough? It has to be one extreme or the other, as your clear anger towards the female body and mothers in general speaks of a deeper psychological issue at play.

      There is nothing sexual about feeding a child. Most women who breastfeed are not flaunting their breasts; in fact, you can see more sexualized imagery on the YouTube adverts that play before children’s shows.

      If a child can walk by a Victoria’s Secret in the mall, that same child can see a woman breastfeeding and walk away unscathed and without enduring lasting trauma.

      Politely, may I suggest you seek some form of therapy for your belligerent attitude towards females and mother figures? It can only be in your benefit to find the root of your Madonna/Whore complex and try to resolve it. Best of luck in your journey of self recovery!


      • Lol! That was funny! i appreciate humor, so i have to give you a point.
        I am afraid however i wont give you more. You sound like the typical close minded person that believes that anyone you doesnt share the same opinions must have a problem. And i inform you that there are more uses of your brains than plainly reproduce things you’ve read on that single moment you decided to read something. Its called ”thinking”.
        Your way of thinking is like that:
        i am a mother.
        He doesnt like a thing i do.
        So, he hates mothers.
        Its so stereotypical and poorly developed that any attempt for a serious answer will fail. It wont be understood. Hell, you cant even understand that anyone who is annoyed is not necessarily because of sexual reasons.

        This article, is not about women who are not flaunting their breasts. Is about them who do.
        I know many women who used to cover their breasts when had to nurse in public. And no, it wasnt because of sexual messages they might give. There is a thing they call ”my dignity” -if you know the term.

        The mother of that child, perhaps doesnt want her child see your boobs, regardless of what is going on in the mall or in youtube. Its her right and she is not obligated to explain you why. Other people have a different way to see things, you are not as important as you think, learn to live with that. it wont change. You can only choose if you will respect other people’s will or not.

        No, you may not. Before you suggest about things you dont understand, you have to consider that the two boxes your brain has to register people and explain the world are not enough. Start using it and it will create more, lucky you!


    • Hi there!

      I just had some questions 🙂

      First off why the fuck are you commenting on a article written about breastfeeding? Are you a woman? Do you know what it’s like to struggle with a baby screaming because a cover is on his/her face in the hot summer? I don’t think you do… You know why?? BECAUSE YOU’RE A FUCKING MAN. Women have been feeding their babies for a very long time, every baby is different some won’t tolerate a cover or they just get in the way. You have the power to look away as an ADULT you do have that ability. When children stare they do so because they are curious, if my child was to stare or ask what was happening I would simply reply “the mommy is feeding her baby” it needs to be normalized not sexualized. You sound like an ignorant asshole who probably doesn’t have children and if you do I feel bad for you significant other and child.

      Listen this probably isn’t the place for you so maybe you should back down you ignorant fool.

      Have a great day and maybe next time stick to what you know 😉 bye now!


      • Hi Jes.
        Here are your answers: Because i want. No. I have seen that, i havent experience that.
        Yes i know. Because i am not a mother.
        Let me ask one. Wtf are you doing with a hungry baby out in the summer? I think thats a simple excuse. No baby can scream with a boob in his mouth. And for sure, a thin cloth will not make it feel any worst. I suggest next time your baby suffers because of that, you find a cool place to feed it. Like a building or a house.There are more problems the baby may have, not only feeling hot during feeding.
        I do have the power and i will do it if i see a mother unlucky enough to find herself in a such an awkward moment. Nobody is perfect and we have to help the weaks. I have no tolerance however for arrogant people, who disrespect others and take advantage of others good intentions. If you noticed, the writer pretty much considers that everybody is obligated to look away because she want to nurse but is to lazy to go private and finds hard to cover. I am sorry, she is not that important. And yes, against arrogant assholes i become one too. And i am not willing to respect people who dont respect me.

        Keep your advice for your children, i dont need them you stupid cow.
        Other questions?


    • There is so much wrong with what you just said. You sound incredibly ignorant and downright uneducated. It’s not “teached” it’s taught. And a child is not “borned”, they are born. There’s too many other errors for me to bother correcting.

      I actually don’t even know where to begin. Your views on breastfeeding are absolutely disgusting. I’d have done anything to have that special bond with my baby. Breastfeeding is a beautiful thing. There is nothing sexual about it. But I’m guessing you never took a sex ed course because you think boobs are the same as genitalia. Not the case. Breasts are what is called a secondary sex characteristic. Want to know what else is a secondary sex characteristic? Men’s facial hair. Don’t see anyone telling men they need to cover that up to be socially acceptable.
      During the summer, I can’t leave my house without seeing at least one guy not wearing a shirt, I don’t see why breastfeeding women should have to cover up. Theres guys out there with bigger boobs than me. And they can go topless whenever and wherever they want. Breastfeeding boobs serve a beautiful purpose. Don’t like it? Look away. It really isn’t hard.

      I can’t even say anymore because your post makes no bloody sense. Here’s the message I took from it: “I’m uneducated and ignorant about the wonders of breastfeeding. Boobies make me uncomfortable. All breastfeeding women should cover up for my personal comfort. Mothers are selfish because they prioritize their baby’s needs over a stranger’s feelings.” And then you typed a bunch of hateful incoherent nonsense.

      And just so we’re clear, I support nursing in public. With or without a cover.


      • Oh, the smartass. There is one everywhere, isnt so?
        Listen, i am not doing a test on my English skills here. I know i make mistakes but i am happy i can communicate with people beyond the borders of motherlanguage. Perhaps -since you are sooo educated- we can continue in my language? Or another one of the 3 i can speak?
        Really, can you speak anything than your language?

        Yes, it happens with low intelligence people. Glad you found the beginning. I have revealed none of my views about breastfeeding. I commented about women who do that in public without a cover. You get the difference or the two boxes your brain has to register facts are not enough?
        I agree its beautiful. I agree its a bond between you and your child. And that makes the question bigger. Why you share with everybody?
        Its a private thing. Keep it private.

        So, i guess that you expose in common view your secondary sex characteristic all the time. If yes, ok. If not, you are just trying to bullshit me. Fail.
        And sorry, i cant accept sex ed lessons from someone who thinks that boobs and facial hair is the same.

        I am sure there are men without shirt during summer. But are there women? You go out naked? Breastfeeding women have to cover up for the exact same reasons all other women cover up. We said that already.
        If it was on me, men with boobs that dont use a shirt would be punished by holding a mirror in front of them. But that is so irrelevant.

        No, i will not look away from anything i dont like giving you tolerance keep on doing things i dont like. Thats not your world, i am sorry. And i already wrote about how weak is that ”look away” point. If you have points to counter it, go on. By repeating there is no progress. i know its not hard, but i dont want to do it, simply because you are trying to force me do it.

        You cant say more because you dont have the ability. And i am not surprised about the message you got. Its like giving digital to a black&white tv. The problem is on the receiver.
        Its clear that i dont want to see boobies in metro, mall, restaurants etc. With or without babies on the nipple. Is that so strange? I dont think so. We said why you should cover up. And no, selfish mothers prioritize whats easy for them. There are so many mothers that would never feed their baby in public without a cover. What they have, that you dont?
        Its a simple word. Dignity.
        All the rest you say, are just excuses for the lack of it.

        And i support nursing everywhere. Without ignoring other social rules in the name of it however.


  2. Well, since it won’t let me respond directly to you for whatever reason Kostas, I’m just going to say a few things. I managed to speak to you without calling you any names. You on the other hand have taken it upon yourself to call several beautiful women here vile names.
    If you were my son, I’d be absolutely ashamed of you. I’d wonder where I’d gone wrong.
    I may be a “smartass” with “no dignity” but at least I can have a discussion like a mature, responsible and respectful adult, without the childish name calling you’re throwing around. You called the group of us “arrogant assholes” and referred to another woman as a “stupid cow”.

    You bring up social rules. Here’s the rule. Nursing in public is legal. It is up to the woman whether or not to cover up. Some women are more comfortable that way, others are not. It has nothing to do with their level of dignity. It has to do with her personal level of comfort and her baby’s temperament. And quite frankly, it’s understandable why some women use a cover even when they don’t really want to when there’s people like you walking around, purposely staring to intimidate and make them uncomfortable.
    And you said prostitution is legal? Maybe where you live, but not over here. So let’s leave that out of this discussion.
    I definitely did not say that facial hair and breasts are the same. I said they were both secondary sex characteristics. They have that in common, having something in common does not mean they are the same. The point I was trying to make is breasts are not genitalia. But you apparently feel that breasts and the vagina are on the same level. You compared breastfeeding to waving around your balls. Not even close to the same. Actually, the equivalent of waving around your balls would be if I waved around my ovaries, which would be physically impossible. Since you didn’t pay attention in sex ed, allow me to remind you that the ovaries are inside a woman’s body. They release an egg each month. This is called ovulation. The egg travels through the fallopian tube to the uterus where if fertilized by a sperm either during the act of sexual intercourse or via reproductive technology, it will implant and pregnancy occurs. If the egg is not fertilized or if implantation fails to occur, the uterine lining will shed. That is called menstruation. Just thought I’d give you quick refresher, since I’m so smart. Call it my good deed for the day.

    And no, I would not use a cover if I were still breastfeeding. My baby would not stay latched with a cover. My baby’s comfort and needs comes before that of strangers. My baby comes before I do, so why would I prioritize a stranger over my baby when I don’t even put myself before my baby? Oh and that’s not selfish, that’s selfless. It has nothing to do with my dignity. A woman can be a perfectly wonderful human being with dignity, modesty and self respect and nurse in public without a cover. And no matter how many times you say nursing women lack dignity, it won’t make your opinion a fact.
    Want to know what it sounds like to me? It sounds to me like feminism and women’s rights scare you. And yes. Breastfeeding is absolutely a right. Nursing in public with or without a cover is a basic human right.
    Actually, the more I read from you, the more it sounds like women in general make you uncomfortable. Otherwise, why be so hateful towards women and the female form?


    • You are a liar as well, as i see. You called me incredibly ignorant and downright uneducated, plus you jumped to some conclusions about me and not about my opinion, like that i am hateful or that women make me feel uncomfortable.
      And you keep on doing that, as if you know what or who i am. Well, you dont.
      And all that indicate that no, you cant have a discussion like an adult. When you have no points, you make personal attacks. You even used orthography mistakes to make an argument ad hominem -if you know the term.
      I tend to act like a mirror, so i did offend none who didnt did that first. I was called an arrogant asshole before returning it and the ”stupid cow” was a response to ”ignorant fool” she called me.
      Not that i am surprised, but you failed to see those things? You saw only mine? Another reason you cant have a discussion like an adult, you ignore parts of the conversation that do not suit to the twisted image you try to create.

      Ok, i thought you know what a social rule is. Unfortunately, you got confused with laws. Even so, nursing in public is legal, being nude is not. So, no, its not up to the woman if she will cover or not. Thats only YOUR way of explaining the rule, according to YOUR personal interests. About dignity, i will stick with the opinion of mothers who have it. You need to have it to understand the lack of it, so you are not the right person to say.
      And as i notice there, you agree with me. ”It has to do with her personal level of comfort” you wrote, which is what i say since the beginning. People of your ilk care only for their comfort, ignore rules and laws, show no respect of others. Everything else, like biology, lack of products, crying babies, secret moments, fat men without shirt and all those, are plain bullshit and excuses to justify the fact you dont give a shit about others.
      I am happy to know that i encourage people do what they have to do, even if they dont want to.
      There is not a single place in the ”west world” that prostitution is illegal to any form. Tell me which country you live and i will send you the address of a place that prostitution takes place 100% legaly. Or stop trying to fool me.
      Besides, i can find many examples of things that are legal but you wouldnt like your child do.

      Yes, you didnt said that straight. Because it would be obviously stupid. You made the comparison however, you wrote ”Don’t see anyone telling men they need to cover that up to be socially acceptable” meaning that the same should apply for breasts.
      If you want to say that breasts are not genitalia, say it. And leave hair out of the conversation. I am not going to get confused because you make it more ”complicate”.
      To the point: we all know that breasts are not genitalia. We also know that when you expose them you are consider naked. Stop wasting our time with so cheap tricks.
      I compared being nude with being nude. I am considered nude when you can see my balls, you are considered nude when i can see your breasts (among others). You like it or not, thats the way it is.
      Instead of proving that you are a smartass indeed by quoting known and irrelevant informations, you could stay on topic, as you left many things without a comment. Like if i have the right or not to eat my food without watching your sloppy job next to me. Or why i am forced to watch that by a mother that looks like the Michelin Man, when all i want is to drink my coffee.
      Yes i know, you dont give a flying fuck for my rights, your comfort is the only important thing on this planet.

      You can perfectly service your baby’s needs in a private place. If your baby is so difficult, stay in your fucking home! Hello! Find a solution that respects others! Lets not forget its YOUR baby, not OURS. And no, your baby’s needs come before that of noone’s needs. What an arrogance, my god. It is just another member of the society, nothing special, nothing different. Maybe it is for you, not for the society however. Here you can see why i wrote (my very first sentence here) ”That is completely stupid, mainly based on the idea new mothers have-that they are the center of the universe”.
      The more you write the more you prove me right.
      The answer in your next question is another simple -yet unknown to you word. Respect. I would be saying civility, but then i ask to much from you?
      Selfless? You put your baby before you? Nonsense. It wasnt the baby who asked to go to the restaurant, cafe, mall, market etc. It was you. Using your baby as an excuse is also selfish. 😉
      I already stated about the loss of dignity. Its the opinion of way to many mothers and that makes it a fact already. But dont try to change my words. I spoke about mothers that getting naked, not for nursing mothers.

      Not really, i do not consider you able to judge. But since you have that already written: Every group that supports the rights of a specific social minority ”scares” me. I happen to be a supporter of HUMAN rights. Regardless of color, sex, religion etc. And so, i know that people like you, who consider their rights more important than those of others are dangerous.
      Basic human rights are listed by the UN, which makes your opinion useless. And nursing in public without a cover is not listed among them.

      That last sentence is the definition of a plurium interrogationum, or a Complex question if you prefer. Another logical fallacy that people without talking points/reasoning often use. Google it. Its sure it has no place in a conversation among adults. Lol.
      All i will say is that i hate nobody and you do not represent all women. Most probably you have the form of Michelin Man not the one of a female. I am sick however of tiny people who think they are more important than others.


      • Oh my. How do I put this. Those are adjectives. Adjectives are descriptive words. I merely described how you sounded. Don’t get it twisted. I didn’t call you anything.

        I support human rights as well. But I especially support the rights of the marginalized, because their rights tend to be denied or taken away. Sorry, not sorry.
        I’m not telling you where I live. But prostitution is absolutely illegal here. Does it happen? Yes. Does that change the law? No.

        Oh. And even if I did look like the michelin man, is that really supposed to insult me? I just had a baby. I have other priorities, my family being the most important. I don’t in any way look like the michelin man by the way, I look damn good for being 4 months postpartum, but really? You’re going to attack a bunch of mothers about their weight? That’s petty. By all means, go ahead and hide behind your keyboard. I feel bad for you. You must be incredibly insecure.
        Do you seek out blog entries about breastfeeding just to complain about how uncomfortable it makes you? Let me assist you. You seem upset. Close your computer. Go outside. Live your life. There. You’re free. You’re welcome.
        If you could bring yourself to look away (but you won’t, because you feel it is your place to stare with the intent of intimidating and shaming a mother trying to feed her child.), this would have literally no impact on your life. You could scroll past these posts, or even better, stop seeking them out to troll them with your misogynist garbage.

        I’m done arguing with you. Have a nice day.

        To my beautiful friend who wrote this blog, I’m sorry for the ignorant word vomit that someone spewed on your blog. I love you. You rock. Keep it up ❤


  3. Oh Kostas… Why are you still here? This isn’t the place for you. By the way I don’t nurse, I exclusively pump but as I’m sure you could tell I fully support NIP (nursing in public). So let me get this right… you are saying if a nursing mothers baby will not tolerate a cover while eating she should never leave the house? Is that right? Do you even understand how insane that sounds? What if you have more than one child and you want to take your child to the park? What if you want to go on a lunch date with a girlfriend or your husband? What of you need to go grocery shopping for your family? Do you realize babies eat when they want to eat not when you want them to? No you don’t. You just don’t get it. You are wasting your breath as we are wasting ours, you think we are all idiots and have no dignity and… well… I think you are a rude asshole who knows nothing about babies or nursing moms.

    Women have been nursing their babies for years go back and Google dome images of women in the 40’s abd 50’s with their breasts put feeding their child with men and women sitting right there. No one cared! Now it has become sexualized because of people like you. Even if I was a formula feeding mom I wouldn’t care about seeing a breast that a baby was eating from. Yoy see more boob on tv! The nipple is covered by tbe head of the baby! Jesus! If we normalize it it will be normal. By the way prostitution is 100% illegal where I am from which is California.

    Once again I really don’t understand why you think coming here and leaving your opinion for a bunch of nursing mothers is going to change anyone’s mind.

    And by the way I am far from the Michelin Man 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • @xbeautifulsurvivorx
      That’s cheap. The fact you’re insulting under cover doesnt change at all the fact you’re insulting.

      Its weird, you support one’s right’s by denying those of another’s. And -what a surprise- you belong to the group of which the rights you support.

      Well, i dont really care how you look, or if that insults you. I am sure you got the point however. The view of such a figure nursing is disgusting and absolutely not necessary in a public place. No, i will not attack anybody. I will defend myself. Including my aesthetic.

      I am not here to discuss myself. Your comments do not touch me. But i have to tell you that in order to assist someone you have to understand him. You seem to understand nothing but your comfort. To make it simple: wanna assist? Get covered!

      Thx for the conversation, have a nice life.


    • I would be saying i am exercising on refuting, confuting and objection’s handling, but then, i would destroy your idea about knowing everything about everybody, which wouldnt be polite.
      So, i wont say that. 🙂
      I support NIP as well. With a cover.
      A baby that tolerates no cover? What a cheap excuse. Does it even realize there IS a cover? I paste from the original article: ”But it’s easier not to cover up……I could easily buy one of those nursing aprons but I won’t. The one and only time I tried nursing in public with a cover was a complete disaster. I was hot, my son was hot, I couldn’t see him, I felt uncomfortable for both me and him.”
      Not a single word about baby’s tolerance. Its easier, she is incompetent, it was hot, she wants to see the baby all the time and was uncomfortable. All those, are described as ”a disaster”. Its a bit of a stretch, t think. Btw, she had already answered that ”no, its not” that hard to use a cover. Two contrary opinions in the same sentence. This is called hypocrisy.
      Then, do you (plural) really want to know a sollution, or you found it by ignoring others? By demanding they look away? If you really want to do it, there are ways. What about feeding the baby and then going to the grocery? Oh, yes, you have a baby now, sorry but perhaps you have to alter your program. You said you are pumping. What are you doing when you go for a launch date? And why other mothers cant do what you are doing? 😉
      Have you ever thought how can possibly feel someone else who is trying to have launch there?
      Did any of you asked women like Janie Porter, how they do it? No, because you dont care. You just write articles about how wrong she is, you ignore others aaaand, finished!
      I am sure the mothers that DO cover know the answers to all of your questions, ask them. If you want, you find solutions. If not, you are whining.

      I dont think you are idiots, i already wrote what i think you are. And your style ”there is no other way” is not accepted because of the existence of mothers who cover. Its a matter of will.

      Society becomes less sexualized. Perhaps you should have sex more often, because you think of it too much. All your thoughts are moving around sexualizing things. And -worst- you think others do the same. But since you wrote that, i took a look. What i found?
      ”By the 1950s, the predominant attitude to breastfeeding was that it was something practiced by the uneducated and those of lower classes. The practice was considered old-fashioned and “a little disgusting” for those who could not afford infant formula and discouraged by medical practitioners and media of the time.[19] Letters and editorials to Chatelaine from 1945 to as late as 1995 regarding breastfeeding were predominately negative.[19] However, since the middle 1960s there has been a steady resurgence in the practice of breastfeeding in Canada and the US, especially among more educated, affluent women”
      Not to say about other ideas they had about women, back then… I think your comment completely fails.
      Watching boobs on TV is MY choice. Nobody forces me! Thats the difference.
      Yes, if we normalize it it will be normal. So what? The same applies for domestic rape. Or pedophilia. I guess drunk men should start writing articles titled ”beat her, its easier” and demand normalization????
      On the other hand, if you use a cover for a few months and for those few times that happened to need to nurse in public, there is no need for the whole society to change what is considered normal.
      I am sure that i can call a prostitute using my laptop without braking any law, in California, right now. But you know the place’s laws better, so i will not debate it more. That wasnt the point, The point was that what is legal is not necessarily desirable.

      Opinions and thoughts are like seeds. All you can do is throw it at the ground. Depends on the quality of both, the seed and the ground if it flowers. Then again, i am not trying to change anyone’s mind. Action brings upon reaction. There is an opinion stated in public there, and i wouldnt like someone takes those arrogant thoughts for real.

      Thats good for you. Even better, for your husband. Unfortunately, most mothers that I happened to see getting naked in public were not. And -for a strange reason- the worst their figure is, the less they are discreet. Perhaps they feel sure that others WILL look away.
      Btw, you have a husband? Does ANY of you who wrote a response here has a husband?


      • I can’t debate this with you anymore. It’s just like flogging a dead horse for both of us, I think it’s sad that society finds nursing so “disgusting”. I just don’t see it that way, when I see a mom nursing I simply think “her baby was hungry” nothing more. I simply don’t care, and I don’t get why it bothers people like you so much.

        You asked if I am married. Yes I have been with my husband for 9 yrs and married for more than 3, I have a teen, toddler, & infant. Teen was formula fed the two babies exclusively breastfed but as I said I pump I don’t nurse. This however was not by choice, my babies unfortunately are born very prematurely and they will not latch. I would have so much loved to have the experience of nursing my children but sadly they would not latch due to being in the nicu or being undeveloped. Now they are all very healthy and happy.

        To me a breast is a breast, Ive seen hundreds and since I’m a girl seeing a breast is not a big deal. Seeing a baby nursing and seeing a woman topless in a porn to me are two different things. I appreciate a woman’s body, women are sexy but there to me is nothing sexy about nusring.

        Also I’d like to add, I have alot of sex. You told me to have it more often… My sex life is killer but thank you for your concern.


  4. I nurse in public often. When my baby is hungry I feed her, simple as that. I did try to nurse with a cover but it was a disaster and we were both frustrated and crying. I have nursed in crowded locations (such as the DMV) and thus far, nobody has noticed, or cared. Please tell me how the picture linked below is indecent. It was taken at the DMV so please excuse my angry face as I was frustrated at waiting for over an hour at this point.


    • Hi there. I begin from the end. It is not. It isnt disgusting either. As far as i see, you are covered. It isnt that hard, is it? You are using just your clothes and hell, it works!
      I really dont know what kind of cover all of you have tried to use… is it metallic? With nails? Wtf? I have seen so many mothers using a thin colored piece of cloth, over their shoulder. It cant be that difficult. I really dont believe that a piece of cloth over an anyway dressed baby can make such a big disaster. That’s why i talk about people who just dont care.

      The fact nobody noticed,means you are discrete. If you can, they all can. Once again, its a matter of will.
      Be well.


      • Clearly you have never nursed a child. We have struggled with tongue and lip ties so me being able to see how she is latched on is very important. A bad latch means she is not getting enough milk, is sucking in a buck of air, and is painful for me as well. I have a nursing cover that is a “thin” fabric. It is hot, it is awful. I do not think a nice and useful nursing cover exists. I’ve also tried thin blankets as well. I think nobody noticed because it is not a big deal and without the nursing cover (aka tent that screams breastfeeding baby) I am quickly able to get her latched on so no attention is being drawn by a screaming, flailing, pissed off baby.

        Please, by all means let me know how to nurse a baby. Are you a lactation specialist? Do you even know everything that goes into breastfeeding a child?

        Let’s take a trip back in time. Surely you will agree that in the past people were more offended by the naked body. Now please look at the images I’ve linked below and let me know who in these pictures seems to care. Breastfeeding is the only reason we as a species exist. We are first and foremost mammals.


      • I would also lIke to know why you read and comment on articles like this one if you are so offended by breastfeeding.


    • The existence of so many women that successfully use a cover (of any type) indicates that its you who is doing something wrong, and that there IS a way to do it. I am not the right person to advice you, you should ask one of them. Or more of them.
      Plus, the fact you have a cover and you tried with a blanket means you found reasons why you should be covered. And its clear, there is one and only reason not to use one: its easier. Personal comfort.
      But nobody said that rising a child is easy.

      You really want to take that trip? Would a mother do that in a restaurant full of men back in 40ies? And if the one sitting close to her had a different opinion, would they have a discussion about that? Or she would retreat just by having him raising his voice?
      Then, i can show you thousands of pictures which show women’s mistreatment that was considered ”normal”. And the most important, if everyone around you is not annoyed, then obviously there is no problem. This is completely not the same with the statement ”take your look away” that was stated in the initial article. Dont you see the arrogance in that statement? She doesnt care if it is accepted or not, she just wants to do the job easier for her ignoring everybody.

      Fuck is another reason our spices exists. Lets do it in public! Right?

      I am not offended by breastfeeding. I am offended by people who dont give a shit for other’s views.
      Its the third time i make that clear. I understand, say that i dislike breastfeeding makes easier to ignore statements that you cannot argue.


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