About The Author


22 years old. Word weaver. Lover of love. Coffee addict.

A woman of curious nature, my name is Shayna Shattelroe. I am wild & reserved. Humbled & proud. Quiet & clamorous. Strange & familiar. You’ll always find me with a coffee cup in one hand and a book in the other.

Spirited yet indecisive, I sometimes struggle to execute my dreams. My soul longs to reach out and touch the entire world. I want to dabble in little bits of everything while gaining insight and knowledge from the vast number of people on this planet. Ever since my father died in 2011, I have been on a path of self-discovery and self-healing. I have peeled back my own layers to find my true Self. I have stumbled and fallen a few times in the process but I always rise stronger than before. Sometimes I realize something isn’t for me right after I start it. Perhaps it’s giving up. Perhaps I just know. I’m more in tune with my Self than I’ve ever been. I’m always learning, changing, transforming, and evolving. One promise I can make is I will never remain the same.

In my vessel, I belong to the earth. To healing my body with fruits and vegetables, herbs and plants. In my heart and in everything I am, I belong to my son, Maddox, and my boyfriend, Dave. Everyday with them has been a learning experience. Watching Maddox learn how to be a human has taught me gratitude, patience, and kindness. Being with Dave has taught me how to love, how to be grateful, and how to believe in myself. Everyday I thank them for what they have given me.

Blogging since 2005, I’ve had an innumerable amount of blogs on a vast number of platforms. Finally, I’ve found one to call home: Mother is Eternal. This blog is a piece of myself I extend to you.


2 thoughts on “About The Author

  1. Wow, Shayna, I love your energy and philosophies. You seem to harbor lots of love and wisdom, and your words are like silk. I am excited to read more of your posts and I wish you lots of success in your writing and buiness! 🙂 🙂

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