How to Calm Your Mind

Mother is Eternal | How to Calm Your Mind

You are captivated by the sounds of the sea. Gentle and soft against the sand just like yourself. We stood where the waves break. Do you know how small you are? How small we are? The world is vast and never-ending. Always remember to unwind, little one. To become calm like the sea. To go with the flow even when storms become rough. To find balance like the ripples in the sea. To keep your heart light like its floating on water. Remember to breathe in, be calm, and free your mind. Remember to be formless like water and simply flow.

This is what I told Maddox at 14 weeks and this is what I’ll continue to remind him as he grows. It’s a similar mantra I instill in my daily life and the same mantra I’d like Maddox to appreciate. Calming your mind helps you heal, not only in mind but in body as well. Here are some tips to nourish your mind.

Learn to let go of stress
Constant stress can be detrimental to your daily health so make sure you take time to renew. Don’t let stress consume you and learn to let go of negative emotions. By holding onto these negative emotions, you merely prolong stress and continue to cycle it into your life. Remember that it’s okay to be selfish and sometimes you need to put yourself first. Your mental and physical health are crucial. Otherwise, aspects in your life begin to fail as well be it a relationship, work, family, home life, or friendships. Take the time to honor your needs in order to be better in all aspects and stress less.

Eliminate clutter
By minimizing, you help maximize your life. Create a space that won’t keep you distracted. The less you have, the less you have to clean and the less you have to stress. An open space helps promote an open mind. Follow this 30 day challenge to start eliminating unnecessary items in order to help you discover more about yourself and simplify your life.

This doesn’t just mean physical clutter but mental clutter as well. Get rid of unwanted information. Watch TV and scroll Facebook a little less. Limit yourself and instead read a book, learn a craft, go outside, write a letter, exercise. Rather than stimulating your mind with electronics, wind down with something more tangible and less mind-numbing.

Live in the present
Tying yourself down to the past or a nonexistent future can be wasteful. It is consuming your mind of things that cannot be changed or things that may never even happen. This doesn’t mean you’ve forgotten the past or that you’re unaware of future possibilities. It’s simply a realization that this moment is all there is. Release what cannot be controlled and focus on what can be. You’ll live happier and it’ll help transform your life entirely.

So what can you do?
Meditation (one of my favorite ways to calm my mind). Learn new skills. Pick up a craft. Find a new job. Exercise. Do yoga. Take a trip to some place new. Lay on your couch. Take a couple days off work to recoup. Take a hike. Go home. Diffuse some oils. Take a bath. Start a journal. Surround yourself with positive folks with good energy. Step out into the sun and feel the warmth on your cheeks. Go for a swim and follow the flow of the water. Take time to focus on what’s important: friends, family, children, love, your self. Connect with nature.

As you learn to calm your mind, watch your mind and body heal. I promise it will be a wonderful journey and a beautiful transformation.