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My sister was here from Illinois for a week so I was soaking up all the time I can with her and my nephew. We spent it full of beach days, pool days, lazy days, errand days, cleaning days. I love that her son is only 2 months older than Maddox. I can’t wait to watch the dynamic of their relationship shift and change as they grow older. I wonder who the trouble-maker will be.

This video will make you think twice before you make-up shame.

25 things breastfeeding moms should know.

Add some blueberry skillet cobbler to make your weekend a little more delectable & sweet!

5 beliefs of incredibly successful people.

Pools with dream views.

It’s almost flannel season.

Ever been curious about the favorite books of famous authors?

May the lipstick be with you.

Any other curly girls out there? Here are some cute hairstyle ideas for you!

My new favorite series is Whine About It. Hilarious!

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you have some awesome weekend plans lined up!


Weekend Links

Weekend Links | Mother is Eternal


Maddox had his first dip in the pool this week and loved every second of it. It’s amazing how they have a sense of what to do (i.e. kicking their feet & legs). It’ll be even better when he can hold his head up stronger. I was a fish when I was younger and Dave grew up on a lake so hopefully he’ll love swimming, too.

Anyway, here are some enjoyable links from around the web to start your weekend with.

Wine fans! Have you tried this app yet? It’s a great way to track your wines and learn about different ones.

These interior designs are to die for.

I made this Mediterranean Baked Sweet Potato dish last night with tahini and it was incredibly delicious.

Happy Birthday Harry Potter & J.K. Rowling

I did a full hour of Ashtanga yoga for the first time since before Maddox was born. It felt good! My limbs feel refreshed.

See what Coca-Cola does to the body after an hour. 

Keep your energy up all day with this chart.

This powerful magazine cover.

The Gift of the Good Enough Mother.

A perfect explanation on Opinion vs. Fact.

Need a new tote? Check out this gorgeous, reversible vegan leather tote from Free People.

Maddox and I have been reading Little Blue Truck and we love it.

Have a lovely weekend! What are your plans?

Lemon Cookies

lemon cookies

If you know me, you know one of my top favorite flavors is lemon. It’s the perfect mix of zest, tang, sour, and well.. lemon. Last week, it was the main ingredient in most of my dishes, including a very delicious lemon pasta, and I must say it adds such a perfect taste.

Sunday mornings lately have been dedicated to trying out a new baked goods recipe. It’s safe to say last Sunday I tried these remarkable lemon cookies and was not disappointed.

The recipe calls for a 18.25oz package of lemon cake mix but I grabbed a box of Duncan Hines and saw it was only 16.5oz. I used a little less vegetable oil and it did not alter the texture, taste, etc.

It’s a VERY quick and easy recipe for lemon-lovers. What are your favorite lemon recipes?